Online dating for mature women who love younger men

What is a cougar?

A cougar is a term often used for an older woman who prefers the company of young men, generally around half their age. Cougar is a term frequently used by older women and their friends when describing their sexual conquests or interests whereas, men generally refer to older women as MILF’s.

Why is cougar dating so popular?

Women have always been attracted to younger men. This is hardly surprising when you consider that women reach their sexual peak much later than men and there are no shortage of men who are attracted to older women and wore than willing to fulfil their sexual fantasies of being with a younger guy.

Photo of an older woman with a well dressed young man

Meeting older women

For guys who want to meet local MILF's, there are plenty of specialist dating sites that cater for your needs and even more women actively searching for you online. Meeting these women in real life can be more challenging. Your social circle is likely to be very different so chance meetings are rare.

Many women looking for some fun will be married or in a relationship, just not sexually satisfied. This makes it even harder for you to approach them in a bar or club if they might be with a partner of friends who know their partner. The best approach is to simply be polite and show some attention with a subtle compliment or lingering look. If she is interested, she will find a way to approach you if she thinks you are interested without being too full on.

Photo of an older woman with a well dressed young man

Meeting younger men

If you are a sexy mature women, MILF or cougar, the ball is definitely in your court. Most older women know younger men are attracted to them and love the attention. The hard part is taking it further, especially if they are in a unfulfilling relationship. Many women begin relationships with men they meet through work, but these workplace romances are often found out, leading to distress and work problems. Surprisingly the most common cougar relationships come from the mother hooking up with their son or daughter’s friends. While this is very common, it is a sure way to lose friends and family very quickly just for the sake of quick sexual gratification.

Online dating

Most online dating websites offer various options which allow you to search for members by age or to indicate the age range you are interested in meeting. This can be rather hit and miss. Lots of women will not put the lower age they really want to meet for fear of being judged. There are also lots of cougar or toyboy dating site out there who claim to specialise in connecting older women with younger men. Again, these hookup sites can be a minefield of scammers and men who want to be paid for their services.


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